Responsible Adults

Volunteer Mentors:

What is the Mentoring Project?
It is for young people who have come into conflict with the law and have contact with a member of the Youth Offending Team. It aims to help young people get back on tract Alexander Vadal authentic jersey and make the right decisions about their lives.

Staff at the project arrange for people in the community to be trained to become mentors and then supervise them when they start.

What Is A Volunteer Mentor?
A Volunteer Mentor is a person, over 18, cheap jerseys who has been trained to offer support. They give their free time to take part in activities, discuss any problems you may have and help you with practical stuff IF needed. Mentors are not part of the Youth Offending Team and do not get paid.

What Kind Of Problems Can They Help With?
Some people don’t have any support from elsewhere, Parents and Guardians may be too busy or friends may not understand some of the things that are worrying you. When Cheap Jerseys you feel that you can’t approach either… that’s when a mentor can help.

How Can a Volunteer Mentor Help?
A Volunteer Mentor can help by being someone to talk to and listen, to share worries – and successes – and have fun! They can support you in making the right decisions about your life; these could be about anything from the way you behave to education or training. A Volunteer Mentor can also help with practical things – like filling in forms or going to interviews.

What Things Would I Do With a Mentor?
Some of the activities could involve going for something to eat, going to the cinema or doing something sporty. It could also involve going to careers, filling out forms and attending cheap football jerseys training.

How Often Will I Meet The Volunteer Mentor?
Meetings will usually take place once a week for about 1-2 hours. This will last for 6-12 months at most.

Do I Have To Have a Mentor?
No! You do not have to have a Volunteer Mentor. They’re only if you think it would be helpful to have the support – but it’s worth giving it a try!

What If I Don’t Get On With a Volunteer Mentor?
If you don’t get on with a Volunteer Mentor you do not have to carry on seeing them. It’s a good idea to do your best, cheap jerseys but, if this is impossible, another mentor would be arranged as quickly as possible.