Theft Lawyer Oakville

The consequences of a theft offence charge alone can be quite serious. The information is passed onto immigration authorities and this may affect your ability to travel to other countries including the United States. That is why even if the offence appears to be minor, you will need a lawyer to help you deal with the situation at hand in the best way possible. It is important to work with a professional who has experience in this field. Oakville Theft Lawyer is readily available to provide all legal services that you will need.

There are several factors that make us stand out. Our criminal attorneys have litigated a large number of highly diverse theft offence cases over the years. Additionally, we keep up to date with everything going on in this particular field. This gives us the largest possible set of legal tools to protect the rights of our clients. We have a personalized approach to every case and this has helped us to win many hard battles in the past. Each client is unique and so are their circumstances. With keeping this in mind, we can develop the best possible strategy for winning. Our achievement record says a lot about our skills, expert knowledge and commitment to helping our clients.

There are two types of offences in this field. These are theft under $5,000 and theft over $5,000. The maximum sentence for the first type of offence is imprisonment for 2 years while for the second type, it is imprisonment for 10 years. The seriousness of the social stigma should not be underestimated as well. It may pose great difficulties to finding employment in the future. For all of these reasons, you will need excellent legal defence. Count on Oakville Theft Lawyer to provide it. You will receive detailed legal advice to clarify your situations and options in the first place. This will enable you to take the right decision regarding your representation. Your lawyer will represent you throughout the entire process from the bail hearing and reviews, if any, and during the trial. You can rely on us for the appeal also, if the need arises.

The key to success in any criminal defence case is the building of a winning strategy. Your counselor will begin by studying all details and the available evidence for your case. The in-depth analysis will help for the development of the strategy. It will be based on the use of the most effective legal instruments. It will provide for all challenges that may arise. You will be excellently prepared for your appearance in court as well. You will receive full preparation and all the support and reassurance that you require.

Your Theft Lawyer Oakville will litigate your case with skill and passion. The professional will use masterfully all available tools to provide exceptional defence. The focus will be set entirely on reaching the desired outcome. With us, you are in good hands because your counselor and our whole team will do everything to achieve the best result.

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